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The police suck majorly

In The Grinder on December 9, 2011 at 8:21 pm

The police suck majorly, look on youtube, you can see at least a hundred videos of cops going crazy, comfortably straying over the line of duty and forgetting decency. Recordings are unable to show every single outrageous act the pigs have done but they range from and below ignoring dispatches for murders whist reaming unwashed hookers in the back of their cruisers to violently busting dealers, late night, off the record so that they can sell the drugs themselves. Cops are cunts because they can be.

Fuck all cops, the standard bobby isn’t there to solve crimes, he’s there to uphold unfair laws and commit freedom insults. All a pig should be able to do is stop fights quick and come to the aid of someone in need. Is there really anything else they should be able to do. Oh yeah, get a warrant in under a day.

In regards to riots: what kind of person goes against “the people” on behalf of the worlds govern-mental oppressors? If the people have a problem and a change is needed, what kind of person goes against good, justice and fairness? If the button to stop the bomb is there in sight, what kind of person stands in the way of the presser?

Theres 999 (britain’s 911) and then there is 101. The first is for alerting the authorities of a crime and the second number is for anyone who wants to follow up on one already reported. You will nearly never be put on hold with 999 but with 101 it happens a lot. If you’re a first time caller you’ll have a decent chance of being answered and assisted but if you have phoned already and have been hung up on, the only way to speak to someone on 101 is to use another line (which may have to be a £1.50pmin mobile connect).

This is because they have blocked you, they will not answer a call from the number you just used. You are seen as a waste of time. Your query is deemed unjust and therefore irrelevant. An enquiry about your daughters rape will have to wait and do with a “Please leave a message!!”

My sisters house got robbed, we think we know who it was but the damn police refused to take any meaningful steps to confirm our reasonable suspicions and serve justice, too busy confiscating 10-bags and fuvking hookers. The robbers took a good wage, at least £800 worth of goods, leaving incriminating evidence (in the logical sense) in the process. They’ll never be charged.

Two bald pigs came to take details on the evening of the event, the younger pale one was trying to rifle through my sisters dirty laundry and had a bad attitude as expected. The other, an asian family-man, was doing his job and asking questions, writing as I spoke. They left and I tidied up the wreckage. Due to the circumstances of the break in, there was only one entry point and only one reasonable suspect. That person will be free, solely due to the police, time, their complete swagness and the illegality of payback.

The following day, a female fingerprinter came to the house. If my mother hadn’t of been there with me, myself and this forensics lady probably would have fucked wildly, she loved how I looked and i’d hit it for a minute. Although many were visible after her magic powder was applied, she took zero prints and got ready to go swiftly, only after telling us how the officers who showed up the night before didn’t put the robbery on record, they had totally disregarded it, throwing the notes away.

She only told us this after my mother requested the crime reference number for the robbery. If we had not asked her about the case ID and revealed its absence, the cow would have left without saying anything about her ventures pointlessness (she was just spending time getting paid). What was she doing, turning up to a crime scene that didn’t have a crime reference number. If she had found some prints, which she would of if she’d wanted to, which record would they have gone in? There wasn’t one.

She even tried acting disgusted at the two cops behaviour, going as far as to actually say “that is just bollocks!” on the job, when really she new what was going on: this was a forgotten case and she was just there to make the victims think the police cared but couldn’t do anything. Another guy was sent, solo, arriving in the evening, who retook the data and registered it for a reference number, nice guy. Its plain to see, the police don’t care about burglaries, they don’t think they will solve the case so they don’t bother, putting on a weak show so that nobody notices.

A 2011 week in London, a gang war seems to be taking place, on every single night for the past 5 at least one random person has been beaten, stabbed and killed, messages are being sent. The gangs, hooded youths on bicycles, riding around in 20+ strong groups, are steady on the prowl. One group pasts me, I pull out my phone.
I dial 999,
“Hello. Police, fire or ambulance?”
“Police please”
I hear a click and a woman answers
“Hi, I’ve just seen a group of hoodlums riding up on harrow road, you know, or at least you guys should know, there’s been lots of murders here recently, every night, its a gang turf thing, I think it would be great if the police could show some presence around here, they might save a life and catch some killers.”
“Where are you again?”
“West London, you guys need to be quick, they are on the KFC side of harrow road and somethings gonna happen”
“Okay sir, relax please. What colour were they?”
I was shocked by the question
“White guys”
“Okay, thank you very much, take care and good luck”
The ‘lady’ hung up, without my goodbye, as if the call was done.
No cops showed up, I know because someone else died that night and for at least 3 nights afterwards there were murders on the streets, each horrific event signposted by a large moving crowd of indistinctly coloured, hooded cyclists.

“Im not a snitch, the crime hadn’t happened and I didn’t name names, not that I knew any”

"My life is now fucked..." he said quietly to himself.

I have friends who have punched people in the face, stabbed and bottled people and have brutally assaulted people (I’m a nice guy). These people are as free as dirty birds, averting court and only receiving cautions and let-off’s from the police. I pushed a racist drunk out of my face, only when I thought he would headbutt me, who stumbled on a slight dip on the train (a blatant hazard I noticed only after his fall, it was my first time on a train like that) and hurt his ankle. Due to his pale skin and bad blood circulation, there are photos taken shortly after the incident that show where my pushing hands connected. It was christmas, he did not take time off from work. He lied about a few things in his first statement and then conceded to honesty in his second, also stating that he did not want to pursue any allegations (he dropped the charges).

The CPS have had me going to court about this for over a year now and I’m facing jail for this, for my first ever offense, an accident. The CPS is the Crown Prosecution Service. I, Mr Nice Guy, pushed a threatening drunk man out of my face who stepped back onto a dip which shouldn’t have been there and hurt himself. Am I a criminal? What kind of public service is this? Do I deserve prosecution? For a gentle, forgiven push? A well-meaning and polite form of removal from face?

Are these cunts so stupid that they do not realise that unjustly criminalising innocents will only lead to more crime. If I cant get legal work because of the unfair acts of the CPS, I will have to turn to crime to make a decent living. FUCKING IDIOTS.

So to be clear: In the UK, a domestic abuser can batter, dehumanize and break bones of multiple women over 30 years and assault police with a hammer only to get forced into recurring anger management courses and mental health tests whilst totally free wheras a student who, on his first offense, pushed over a drunk racist in self defense gets 6 months in jail and his future stolen.

There is one thing for sure: this experience has made me appreciate life a whole lot more as if I nearly died. The hopefully final court date is due in the next few weeks……….

Another life ruined by the unjust law, even going to a courtroom has a negative effect on ones prospects, I might go to jail, after all my studies, goodwill, positivity and optimism, for 6 months. For using the weakest form of self defense, a push, on a racist grown man who “started it” and was drunk so fell over in a dip on a train that shouldn’t have been there due to health and safety legislation, should I have used pepper spray. I have now said “bye bye” to a positive future and “whenever” to death. My life of prosperity is over, due to a system that is supposed to protect me. The one the police serve. Meanwhile bankers get bonuses for catastrophic failure and devastation, thieves walk free, fearless and uninvestigated, the rich can pay for unfairness and immunity and pleasant, benevolent herbal remedists get 20 years away from pubs and violent, careless binge drinkers.   

The cunt pigs are useless in most cases, they do not have the power (ease of way) to do what should be done in order to solve crimes, they serve a law that has unreasonable targets that consume a disproportionate amount of resources i.e the international illegality of cannabis. The UK cops have shown me too many times that they suck; they have too many bullies, racists, pussies and imbeciles in their ranks and they don’t have guns.


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