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Chuck norris Ain’t Shit

In Movies, The Grinder on June 5, 2011 at 11:39 pm

Just a random post. Chuck Norris ain’t shit, people always try to celebrate and name him as somebody who could kick all kinds of ass, a household name that everyone knows of yet few nowadays have actually seen. I’m sorry about the straight shitness of the movie clips but that’s what you get when you’re looking at a mess.

Speaking real now, he was just some guy who could move and did kung fu. None of his performances (where he wins the fight) are particularly noteworthy, except for their horrifying rubbishness and his hilarious attempts at acting, he’s like the Robert Pattinson of action films except Chuck always has a guilty look on his face. I hope he is drunk somewhere, feeling bad about how much unfair celebration he has received, what happened to damn Mark Dacascos?

Any random professional cage fighter could kick Norris’ ass, damn, 50 cent would beat him the fuck down. Steven Seagal with fat and lazy near-retirement ass rash could mash the prime Chuck Norris up with impressive, skillful ease, sheesh, Norris was actually just a lightweight pussy paraded as a monster.

Please people, commit the crime of Justice, not only has he acted in some of the most disgustingly worthless films of all time, he has also managed to look like if his head was mounted upside down, with his chin facing the sky, he’d look the same from a distance. Throughout his over-long career in crap combat and nasty delivery, he’s only been successful in making too much undeserved acting money, having a legacy as an overrated twat and looking ugly to the extreme *note I have since been informed of Chuck’s spirited career in kung-fu tournaments, congratulations, the sweet fruits of dedication*.

Please people, disregard Chuck Norris as you have all the other kung fu ghosts.

May your lord bless you

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