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Paradoxes and Irony

In Questions, The Grinder on October 25, 2012 at 10:00 pm

You need to be in the SAG (screen actors guild) to be in a SAG film,
to be inducted into the SAG, you need to have been in a SAG film.

Depression causes insomnia,
Lack of sleep causes depression.

You need money to make money, you get nothing for nothing
You can, under certain circumstances, come from nothing to something

Low baby weight + smoker mum = High death rate BUT
Smoker mum + Low baby weight = Lower mortality rate than non-smoker mums

You need work experience to get work experience.

**If God is everywhere, how can I leave Him out?

With Karma you get paid back for bad deeds with misfortune,
and successes for acts of goodness.


Your misfortune is someone else’s good fortune and your success is another’s failure.
Did a child involved in a fatal accident have bad Karma?
Does a long-living banker or politician etc. have good Karma?
Do we all deserve what we get? Is anything undeserved?

Love some of yours..


The Irony of Christmas

In The Grinder on December 22, 2011 at 4:50 pm

I know you lot don’t like to hear this but You and your Family are some lucky cunts.

That new thing you really want is all you can think about and you know you’re gonna get it eventually. Materials and being above others is pretty much all most of us desire and the welfare of others is of no concern. Imagine if you were born somewhere like Liberia or Malawi, your life would be totally different; you wouldn’t want a new iphone, you’d need a new fuckin everything.

As we all go out and fill the pockets of piggy businessmen with christmas purchases and higher energy waste simply because we dont want to feel poor or excluded, the world still has economic inbalance, unpayable debts, questionable agenda led business and no control whatsoever by the 99%. You should all know by now that the gap between richest and poorest is getting wider faster. At the end of the 19th century the average richest/poorest ratio was 1:30 or so, whereas now at the beginning of the 21st it’s around 1:500. This is all brilliant, isn’t it?.

"What are you doin' for christmas this year?"

The amount of money played around with in an average western bank on an average day would be enough to feed and fix an impoverished village for at least half a damn decade. Most people spend more on crap in a good year than they give to others in need in a whole lifetime. With my grandma I went to Waitrose, (Walmart for money-wasters) where people are, during a recession, happily buying half-legs of lamb for 130% of what Sainsburys sells a whole leg for round the corner.

A poor tramp begging in England has as more money than a working family in the Congo.

People make me sick man; such waste, such carelessness, such selfishness, such widespread ignorance. Buying half as much meat for five pounds more just because they can and, by disgusting logic, it makes them feel better about themselves to waste money. This is stupidity on a smaller scale, the cases of large-scale stupidity are unending and flabergastory and when you look for them they’re everywhere.

This is what you get..

We in the west have it sooo good compared to others. We as the majority, especially all the ‘white’ peeps out there (more money, more power), have the ability to change this world in whichever way we desire, whenever we want to but only if we are united, no borders and no colour. If the 99% are divided, what are they fighting for?

To support that “‘white’ people” statement as I should: If a minority group started rioting, what would happen? If all the ‘white’ people rioted, as the majority division, wouldn’t there be a greater chance of change?

Meanwhile a child born of rape, works in a collapsing mine on their fifth year of nine with crushed water bottles as shoes and no scheduled day off.
“So what!?”

So you get a bonus for total failure? So for damaging the lives of billions, you keep your job and get a pay rise?”
“So what!?”

Seriously, if you want change and fairness, people, neither rioting nor Obama will do it. The only way is this: Unbiased economists devise a “referendum for world reform” (a document) detailing a new system for the world that the international majority can agree on. It leaves out lionizing of religion, dictatorship and any economic inbalance. The paper gets translated into all used languages and is distributed across the globe. We get warnings from our elite opposition. At an agreed date nobody goes to work, pays bills or uses banks until the extensive, revolutionary changes have occurred (any question can be answered). Everything will be planned by and for the people, in aid of the people. For the weakest of you, think of it as a holiday where no fighting will occur and you’ll return to a better place.

If our guardians cared about the people, the world, our future and eachother, there would have already been a call for this reform and we would already be in a ‘new world’ with worldwide equality but no, we got a world where every country is in huge debt (who to?), the majority is led like sheep and a car is more important than your neighbour.

“The system would have to be a very good one”
Anything less than that wont do…

I am so glad our governments and world caring leaders are making us pay extra for the “green” energy, save fuel, reduce emissions, cut down forests and plant bio fuels on the land taken from the poor in the third world – I would hate to think that all the yachts, private planes and super fast fuel guzzlers may be unused to their full potential….”

Meanwhile a newly elected president of a third world country has innovative plans to take his country and people out of poverty and into a progressive cycle of development. He gets an uninvited suited westerner at his desk, three days after his first, barking orders at him. The leader is told: “You must disregard all of your plans of repair and follow our orders, you will be rich and respected by your peers but your country and people will be no better off. If you refuse our orders, you and your family will be killed….” TRUE STORIES 

Flippancy and defeatism are things I’ve been inclined to harbour my whole life, isn’t that the problem?

We must do things for ourselves and eachother. Compassion is the key to salvation. 

Ignorance is, right now, the first key to happiness.

Mind you, if life really was good I’d get really upset when people would have to die, today, death is just a release from this ill world we live on so im appreciative when it comes, the person is free at last. I guess that’s the silver lining.

"If he had hours..."

Finally, what is the irony of Christmas? If it’s the season to be jolly, what should we be happy about? Is it the fact we aren’t half the humans (humanity) we could be? Is it how we are only outraged by unfairness when it slaps us in our faces? Is it the jolly way we give our pennies to those who burn most of it on self-indulgence? Is it our ancestors and current leaders’ inhuman actions we should hurraah? Is it how we don’t want to know about injustice and segregation? Is it the fact we are a weak bunch of sheep, powerless by comfort? Or maybe we should be happy about not wanting to help all people like we can and fix our world.

Right now, it’s as if the world’s money is a pie that that each country is supposed to get a piece of, only it’s too small, shrinking and off. Shouldn’t we get a new pie and forget the old one?

As you over-eat, over-drink, laugh hysterically, get gifts that cost more than some people’s houses (as low as £5), drink champagne, play games, complain about nuffin, get money and sit in misery, blackberry in hand, unable to bear a family member talking to you please spend a thought on those poor souls impoverished and hopeless with nothing good about their lives other than its infrequent and compromised joys because if each of them we can save, each of them we are responsible for.

"With great power comes great responsibility"

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Merry Christmas

Big up Jasiri X

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