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Short n sweet movie review 02/12

In Movies on February 13, 2012 at 11:42 am

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Kill List (2011)

# An interesting, memorable and realistic escapade, destined to be misunderstood by most viewers but nevertheless deserving of props and a mention as a worthy film for fans of the genre.
# Could possibly scar you for life with some shocking images backed up by tension, atmosphere and horror all the way through.
# The story is a pleasing but totally empty setup to a memorable ending scenario that will only shock and surprise if you haven’t seen “Serbian movie”.
# Not a bad film but has a terrible ending in both ways, you won’t want to watch it again. The friendship at the center of the story is the film’s savior, without it, its a pretty shit film.
#-#-#- – – 3/5

Twilight: Breaking Down Part 1 (2011)

# The original main cast, a bunch of aliens, can finally act (comfortable) and Pattinson is at last fairly likable as the bloodsucking pedophile, the acting is still wooden.
# I should never watch a film like this in a cinema, I would get assaulted. At times I was silent, others, cursing to my neighbours, this film is stupid.
# The film is like an adult movie for kids; there’s lots of violence but no gore or blood; sex and nudity but no tits or ass; a meaningful story without logic.
# The soundtrack is abhorrent, the acting is annoying, the story cheese on bread. Worth watching for free if you’ve watched the other episodes of this sorry-ass soap opera.
#-#- – – – 2.4/5.0

Toyko Sonata (2008)

# A classic drama from japan, very emotional, the character’s plight’s are illustrated expertly, using some hard-hitting and smart visual metaphors and toning.
# The story can be taken literally and still be interesting and affecting.
# There is no action, no nudity but a few funny bits and intimate bittersweet melancholia. Kiyoshi puts up a piece that only he could produce.
# Boring at parts but an appreciated watch, a one time only steal that will make you a better person.
#-#-#-#- – 4.2/5

Johnny English: Rebirth (2011)
# Mr Bean delivers another stellar comedic performance backed up by a strong cast, each character plays a played-out template but with a few original nuances, the film feels fresh even though everything has been done better and before.
# Competent cinematography. The soundtrack is classy and perfectly fits the concept: a parody of the old school James Bond, with a few modern twists and an original music video in the ending credits.
# The premise actually rings of truth with the assassinations of foreign leaders by western influence unfortunately being trivialized.
# A ludicrous, hilarious brit-flick that will thrill and move you, one for the collection and also for the kids.
#-#-#-#- – 4/5

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Short n Sweet Movie Review- 9th November 2010

In Movies, Reviews on January 3, 2011 at 1:21 am



/A great question-asking B-movie tour-de-force, shows that, once again, a good premise carries unflashy presentation
/The woman is both nightmarish and a dreamgirl and as always Shinya Tsukamoto is an endlessly likable and highly skillful actor
/The soundtrack, although minimal, is well fitting for the dark, slow visual style. Some scares to be found here that may well stick with you
/An interesting film about loneliness, voyeurism and sanity with a thought-provoking resolution

$-$-$-$- – 3.9/5

/Don’t look upside-down for the whole length of the 3-minute duration and you might be sick all over your forehead
/Extremely weak composition with ridiculous mumbo-jumbo
/Twist is painfully weak but luckily will meet one of many peoples sentiments
/Like the real Devil is bad for the soul, this one will have a similar effect on Shyamalan’s crude crusade of redemption after a tense string of terrible movies

$- – – – – 1.1/5

/Not actually a better film than Casshern, just has more action scenes
/Leads are all strong, story isn’t great and attempted humour is weak
/Not quite inventive but always riveting and slickly produced action sequences
/Sumptuous visuals, some might say there’s occasional poor cgi but its always delivered with artistic flair, pleasant cinematography

$-$-$-$ – – £.8/5

/One of the only “hot-guy” movies that I enjoyed viewing and wasnt made to feel sick (others easily recollectable to me are the old Marky-Mark starring Fear and the recent Just Wright with Common)
/Fantastic script, direction, casting and pacing.
/Makes you question whether you really want to see violence and why, does a good job of keeping you guessing
/A masterfully gripping thriller from Alejandro Amenabar, I would be surprised to find this caper hasn’t got alternate iterations, worth seeking this one out

$-$-$-$- – 4.0/5


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