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Last night I ejaculated on the head of an old arab man, his turban wobbled as he taunted me. The female was young and slim with a small but softly angled frame, she said she was eighteen, with a novel groove of inexperience and enthusiasm that, if focused on, would cause even the coldest of men to climax within minutes of entry, i suspected she was younger but preferred not to know, the bearded arab man was intended as just another forceful distraction from my orgasmic climax, his image followed my grandmother’s hairless neighbour and was no worse than any of the alternatives.

The motion she made during our intercourse was almost as if she was in pain on the bounce and every time she returned to it she shook with shock, jerking her hips to increase the impact of our bodies. As we fucked she whispered with heavy, warm breaths. “Good!……Well done……I want it…….I can feel your heartbeat” she told me. Completely wonderful…. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all a dream.


Worked out? Perpetual motion device?!?

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Did anyone see Iron man 2? Pretty average movie, iniiit? Am I mistaken in believing I saw exactly what I thought was considered impossible: a perpetual motion device? Shouldn’t this unexpected yet inevitable eventuality have meant the dawn of a new era?

Hello world!

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