Paradoxes and Irony

In Questions, The Grinder on October 25, 2012 at 10:00 pm

You need to be in the SAG (screen actors guild) to be in a SAG film,
to be inducted into the SAG, you need to have been in a SAG film.

Depression causes insomnia,
Lack of sleep causes depression.

You need money to make money, you get nothing for nothing
You can, under certain circumstances, come from nothing to something

Low baby weight + smoker mum = High death rate BUT
Smoker mum + Low baby weight = Lower mortality rate than non-smoker mums

You need work experience to get work experience.

**If God is everywhere, how can I leave Him out?

With Karma you get paid back for bad deeds with misfortune,
and successes for acts of goodness.


Your misfortune is someone else’s good fortune and your success is another’s failure.
Did a child involved in a fatal accident have bad Karma?
Does a long-living banker or politician etc. have good Karma?
Do we all deserve what we get? Is anything undeserved?

Love some of yours..


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