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Paradoxes and Irony

In Questions, The Grinder on October 25, 2012 at 10:00 pm

You need to be in the SAG (screen actors guild) to be in a SAG film,
to be inducted into the SAG, you need to have been in a SAG film.

Depression causes insomnia,
Lack of sleep causes depression.

You need money to make money, you get nothing for nothing
You can, under certain circumstances, come from nothing to something

Low baby weight + smoker mum = High death rate BUT
Smoker mum + Low baby weight = Lower mortality rate than non-smoker mums

You need work experience to get work experience.

**If God is everywhere, how can I leave Him out?

With Karma you get paid back for bad deeds with misfortune,
and successes for acts of goodness.


Your misfortune is someone else’s good fortune and your success is¬†another’s failure.
Did a child involved in a fatal accident have bad Karma?
Does a long-living banker or politician etc. have good Karma?
Do we all deserve what we get? Is anything undeserved?

Love some of yours..


Loaded Lux vs Calicoe: missing 2nd verse (Lyrics / Transcript)

In Music, The Grinder on October 4, 2012 at 1:11 am

Shout out to UBR at Ultimatebattlerap for the transcripts



This is the 2nd verse that wasn’t delivered on the day, say thank you…
“What’s the point in being average?…”

2nd verse Lux

Cal, you say I didn’t put you on
that was Miles and the nigga Norbes
I say how did he get it wrong
wow, y’all been misinformed

You gotta explain then put together that weigh in that you was on
You see I was in New York but got it done in Detroit
when Miles couldn’t orchestrate it, Moe Dirty would get the calls
Real raps, lets kick it off

You gon tell it then tell it all,
instead of yelling: all i did was
put my logo, my brand on every clip that went forth
well hello nigga, switchboard
then god said let there be light
so i aint gotta guess that you bright
but i put pieces of you everywhere, nigga,
If its gon help you collect your life

Now correct me if I aint right, but
don’t the press get a price for every time they verb with the hype
don’t hbo 247 pay floyd every time he dress up to fight
when “grant?’ was on the hill, wasnt he collecting from sprite
but soon as niggas start thinking they Jordan
and jump, man you put em in front of Nike
I get back to checking you niggas mic’s,
see i fought to get that D-verse Chicago battle going,
Miles know it
but niggas in your own city didn’t wanna have him hold it
I flew alleyoops to the no fly zone,
well you’re the last one im throwing
I give you niggas shots, whats a calicoe if it aint loaded

You see before the URL,
me and good folks over at Lionz Den
we took battle rap, revamped and new breeded this department
you know, I even had a
couple legends have me to start their starships
I showed how bad Goodz was, I let K shine
I used to freeze a nigga before the sparks went
remember where you seen it first,
Arsonal and Clips both cleaning out their cartridge
gave Rich Dollaz a lean target, Goddamnit
We got Big T started, Word
if it wasn’t for us, Shieet
nigga Verb would still be in the flea market

But you, you, you’re my greatest creation
you would think we were two nation when it was war declared
but you can’t send boys who crawling scared
to men who walk through dares
it’s an insult to compare, Detroit
we can’t even call this fair

I just came to show him, that i planted this here notion
way before you were long or where
oh, you be in Chicago? well that’s funny
cos I came to break down this High Tower
that thinks he’s tall as the “sears?’, now peep
we call it dressing rappers
you know, you like letting them endorse your gig
give ’em shorts to win, you know, start ’em being active
get somebody from a whole other region,
different city, younger demographic
this helps with the different markets you’re trying to tap in
let them get about ten taped battles,
im guess-timating about seven million views, whooo
im not accurate, but that’s traffic
Goddamnit that’s classic, cos see what happens is
you help a man to build an empire, then you attack it

Let me ask this, you read the Bible? Mr Hightower
i mean Calicoe, uuh, perhaps you don’t
the reason im asking for, you see
in the book of Exodus, chapter two, verse ten
i can’t quote the passage though
there’s a part in there where God’s speaking to Moses
regarding Pharaoh soul, he says to Moses, about Pharaoh
i purposefully hardened his heart,
just so my raft could show the signs of my work
so that afterwards you would know, I am hov
so tell your daddy, nigga,
if I got to start getting rid of first borns
well, you gon let my people go

You see this plan I’ve spawned and spearheaded
with a friend of mine since I retired, it was all a dare
a lot of y’all would ask
how did Calicoe get Lux with so many losses in here
but I have purposefully pushed this pawn across the board this year
you see, it didn’t matter if its victories, with HD a Walkman clear
people are biased, im not gon say they all were fair
but the fact they talked about him in gambling spot and barber shears, I know niggas saw you there
this is why a mind like mines has long been feared
this is compensation for helping starting your career
this is payback for every match of yours that aired
you can’t see how in this one night, i got in front of every camera
that you’ve ever been on, for years
so that would mean for you, all, ends, here nigga

Its like the farmer told the potato,
ima plant you now, dig you later
you see, we break them then deflate them
with this battle shit it’s battleships
sometimes you gotta blow them up to sink em

It took patience, I was staking, scouting, casing
the door racing
between the couch potato, window when the house was vacant
and its pretty clear to me now
i mean, look how many people I brought to crowd your space with
I could have caught you out, one night, with the wife
when you had reservations
and left y’all both late, brings a new meaning to out, dated

Speaking of your girl, I remember the Summer Madness before,
when you and Math was at war, I wanted to ask her before
you brought her out from the back of your boys,
you showed her to the crowd, we was like ‘Wow!’
you know, clap and applause,
cute in the face, ass was galore
I must say she’s attractive for sure,
that boy Calicoe got good taste,
baby girl, we wanna know what happened to yours

They told you to chill Cal, now you in here with a real bow
wonder he’ll battle with a hundred pound wheel barrow
kneel, how? shit turn to pressure like a steel valve,
this aint even beef, you aint real, Cal

Shit, them people from Peta put this young boy in a cold storm
with no clothes on, that’s why niggas got told on
I think he tried to hold on and was like “hold on”
what’s gonna happen if keeping it real goes wrong?
not killa-ma-gilla-go-rilla Cal
always down for the riot,
but now Big T come in the house gotta tell him “Quiet”

FB eyeing till they build stacks,
that’s when they come and get ya, disfigure your member
then give you your grill back like
we just wanna see where your skills at
we understand your tongue is your weapon
but you supposed to conceal that
you know once you give them control
its hard to get that will back
money moves used to light your fuse, they killed that
tell Ice Cube we done found his chill pack
let’s reveal facts,
they put an offer on the table, you push the deal back
i need to speak to my lawyer or point me to my cell
anything else then he’ll rat,
you took 48 hours and made the 48 seconds flat
if you a Calicoe fan, you supposed to feel wack now
we already know the answer but we gon still ask when
they had you in that room,
did you give them metaphors or real raps

Whooo, that was nice :)…Loaded lux is a true inspiration and is undoubtedly deserving of the utmost respect. For the sake of hiphop, intellect and the word…
Strong live Loaded Lux.

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