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5 reasons why life today is better

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Going through seemingly unfair but mandatory woes can incline someone to evaluate their life, environment and situations. In this miserable state , I have decided to do an inevitably incomplete list…..

Why is life better today?

1. WAR

The threat of nuclear attack actually subjects the world to an increased state of security. If one country or power decides to wage war on the world they would risk ending humanity as well as being flattened. With the developments in nano and bio technology, the superpowers (slowly shifting) are approaching invincibility when it comes to army units (soon to be self-repairing ultra-armoured Robots) thus making the only resolutions to a threat either diplomatic peace or all-over annihilation. Fractional troop loss and subsequent surrender may soon be a thing of the past. If a world war was waged today, the richest humans on earth would, if they could, all get in space-bound vessels and disappear, leaving all us plebs to burn on a flaming earth; hell.


In “the good old days”, long dresses were the norm, to see a peng gyal rolling down to town in jeggings and a belly top would result in a crowd and a few heart attacks. Ass is everywhere, as are boobies. Wheras in the bad old days you would of had to have payed alot (money or freedom) to see a posterior , now you can go to the streets and check some out for free.



Freedom can be good and bad, here online (unless you live in China), theft is easy, communication is simplified and opinions aren’t repressed (all good and bad). The Net, fortunately, presents more positives than negatives, this is ease, theres nothing like being able to swiflty determine whether or not your favourite ex is single and/or pregnant……

Go and steal that new movie now.



Who wants to be hopelessly ill? Regardless of certain problems regarding distribution and pricing we (in the evil west) are altogether healthier, living longer and safer lives than ever before. Many ailments that before would have slowly killed are now merely speed bumps on the winding road of life. Well, for some…


Imagine searching through all the possible music outlets and being unable to find any dubstep, heavy metal or soka. Imagine no, rap, indie or electronica. Today you can listen to whatever you like (no, not T.I), variety is the spice of life and the cupboard is brimming with bottles. Even if you’re someone who wants to ignore modern music and roll to some 50’s swing or a classical sonata, its easily done and you can do it when, where and how you want…….

Although there are many cons to modern life, the truth is, disregarding financial standards, the disgusting and archaic economical system of the world and saturation of everything, we (in “first” world countries) have never had it so good.

  Good luck

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