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Short n Sweet Movie Review- 22nd Sep 2010

In Movies, Reviews on September 22, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Here is another round of sraight to the point movie reviews….

Nausicaa: Valley of the wind (1984)

-Terrible voice acting, weak but occasionally impressive writing
-Technically feels older than it is, which fortunately compliments the interesting story
-Compositions are competent, creative use of colour
-Pleasant music, kinda sample worthy
-Don’t watch this, if ya like modern stuff, this film will be crappy

The Losers (2010)
-Its basically a lower budget A-team which focuses more on characters than action
-Some sweet shots, set-peices and scenarios (did I see the location from the last level of Goldeneye used, mainframe?)
-Feels videogame inspired, lost tone of comic book
-Absolutely no over-acting (including Saldana and Elba), the cast all provide accomplished performances
-Interesting, diverse characters, competently exhibiting humour, emotion and attitude

Amon : Apocalypse of Devilman (2000)
-Easy to consume
-Overly brutal
-I expect most women to hate this flick
-Totally different to that- live-action movie
-Simple old-school style manga, which lets technicality take a backseat to violence

Jeon Woochi: Taoist wizard (2009)
-Brilliant story, trancending time and place
-Lovely, endearing cast, family-friendly subjects
-A lot of action, good SFX and choreography
-Good pacing, tonal shifts and an adequate resolution
-Seriously worth seeking, buying and watching, a great film that should have had a worldwide release

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